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New beginnings with old friends and wonderful clients!

Its a bittersweet thing to sell something you've spent years building and growing, and that's just what I did this year....sold my beloved True North Farm. The process was difficult, and I questioned myself many times but after my kids heading off to college and some injuries it was time to downsize. What I learned in the end was that a place isn't what holds the heart, but rather the people (and of course horses)! And as we get settled into a beautiful, private new facility in Centerville, Massachusetts, surrounded by wonderful clients and getting to work with a nice group of horses I trust the downsizing has actually given me more time to do what I love most; train my students and horses. So, next chapters are being written, great work is getting done and we have a good string of nice quality horses and just the best people, so the future is bright, it is peaceful and balanced, and we are right where we need to be. Can't wait to see you all in the warmup area again soon!

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