True North Working Students

True North Farm encourages our most committed young riders ages 14+ to become Working Students. Being a working student provides a special opportunity to work more closely with our trainers and the management of TNF, to assist in lessons, kids programs, barn management, schooling ponies, horse care, and much more! Advanced riding skills are not necessary to be eligible to become a working student at True North, but energy, interest, commitment, and drive are. Being a working student allows more intensive and experiential learning that can not be achieved through weekly riding lessons. All working students must be active lesson or training students before acceptance into our working student program and commit to a regular schedule within the program.


OK, this sounds great!  How do I become a True North Working Student? We suggest you first show us what you've got - effort, enthusiasm, and a team spirit are what we are looking for in our working students. Have that well under way? Well then, talk to Kay who will sit down with you and talk about your goals and ideas about being a working student at True North Farm!


True North High School Athletes

True North Farm values academics as well as the experience and commitment of being a successful equestrian athlete. A few of the ways that we support our high school athletes and help them excell are:


* Improving mental strategies for success! As a clinical social worker, Kay understands how to help our riders achieve focused calm and to work to achieve goals without negative stress - which will lead to success in both academic and sport settings.


*Meetings with Guidance & College Advisors to support college admissions. We are well versed in the requirements of college admissions and are willing to meet with your guidance counselors to educate them about the rigors of your training program and competing and to provide a written reference letter of support for your academic portfolio. 


* Varsity pin through the US Equestrian Federation (USEF). In addition to earning varsity credits through USEF, they also offer promising training & academic scholarships to active members.


*Wireless internet access and designated cubby space is available at TNF for all of our students so they can come right from school and do their homework during any down time at the barn.


* Active members of US Pony Club are eligible for considerable college scholarships.


* Area 1 Young Riders Program! Members are eligible for team participation and year end awards! 


* TNF Academic Awards! Get all A's on your report card and you'll earn 1/2 off your next riding lesson at TNF! Open to all our regular lesson students grades 8 +.