True North Plus Membership


We believe that a more frequent schedule of riding lessons leads to more consistent development of skills and progress. Thus we offer the Plus Membership for Riding Lessons which includes two weekly riding lessons. Students of all ages are encouraged to also join Pony Club ( and then also join our online Pony Club meetings which cover an array of horsemanagement topics. Cost of the online Pony Club meetings is $100/month for non True North PC/USPC members. The cost is free for all True North Pony Club/USPC members. We do not offer individual lessons. 


  • Includes two weekly riding lessons.


True North Plus Membership Cost: $550


339 Queen Anne Road

Harwich, MA 02645

Telephone: (774) 408-7157 (please do not leave messages as we are overrun with junk call messages) - please send email for faster response. Thank you!


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