We are excited to partner with french saddle maker, CWD Saddlier. Kay and Jenn are sponsored riders for CWD and appreciate the attention to detail and quality of these saddles and leather goods. 


Having the support of a custom saddle fitter who really listens to our input about how event horses move and what our needs are through all three phases is essential to long term success and soundness.


We couldn't be more excited to join #Teamred!









To learn more about CWD Saddles or set

up a fitting, contact Jacqui Gazzarra.


Or visit them online at


GRAND MEADOWS EQUINE SUPPLMENTS provide our horses with the best in nutritional supplements. Staffed with experts in equine nutrition we trust GM to meet our equine athletes needs! Click HERE for more info on Grand Meadows!


                                 Welcome to MONOMOY HORSE &                                       DOG as our newest Horse Show


                                            Having a local shop with the resources to

                                            get what we need to keep our horses and riders doing their best is such a gift! Pamela goes the extra mile to get the products we need at the best prices. 

All our Division winners at our schooling shows earn a gift card to Mononomoy Horse and Dog. Thank you Pamela - we so appreciate the support and appreciate all you do! To visit Monomoy Horse and Dog please follow this link.




Partnership with Kay Slater & True North Farm ensures you'll be a part of something great for kids, for the sport of eventing and within our region. With our deep connections in our community, our sport and through Pony Club we offer your brand a valued representation with wide reaching exposure. We represent only brands we believe deeply in the value of and stand behind, so our word means something to our trusted clients and friends. 


We offer expsosure through our website, facebook, instagram, via Pony Club media, in seminars or presentations onsite...and most of all through word of mouth. 


If you'd like to share in our journey, contact Kay at Kay@truenortheventing.com to discuss your vision and ideas!




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