Jr Pony Club & Horse Education Saturdays!

JR PONY CLUB is a fun and engaging unmounted program focused on the development of introductory horsemanagement for our littlest riders. Teaching is based upon the US Pony Club Jr Pony Club curriculuum through hands on care of the horses, games, activities and fun with friends! Participants are able to earn certificates of achievement for topics they master during the year. 


Jr Pony Club is aimed to kids ages 6 - 12. Cost is $30 per week for drop ins and included in all but the limited membership packages! Jr Pony Club on it's own is $100/month. Children do not need to have any riding experience or be members of USPC to participate. Program runs on Saturdays in concert with our Horse Education activities through out the school year. RSVP is required so we can plan for each week's programs!


Our Saturday Horse Education Programs are in full swing!  All members, friends, and pony clubbers are welcome to attend. Participation is included in all Basic and Plus Memberships and all other students are welcome for $20/drop in fee by reservation! No horse education is required, just an interest in fun and learning together! Attendance to our first meeting for the year on Saturday (Date TBD - late Sept) is open to all our students to see what our programs are about! 


Come with barn safe shoes, dressed for the weather with a binder, paper, pen and the weekly handouts. 


Program runs Saturdays through the school year from 1 pm  - 3 pm. Pre-reservation required so we can prepare for the group. Open to riders of all ages, although aimed at young riders ages 8 - 20. 


Questions - Kay@truenortheventing.com or 774-408-7157. 



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